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JP-H04333093-A: Electronic filing device patent, JP-H04333407-A: Antibacterial food carrying belt patent, JP-H04333709-A: Dust remover patent, JP-H04334156-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H04335046-A: Thermoplastic polyester resin composition patent, JP-H0433506-A: Method of tensioning transmission line and its tensioning tool patent, JP-H04335283-A: Device for editing information patent, JP-H04335463-A: Composite network managing system patent, JP-H0433553-A: 4-pole small-sized dc motor patent, JP-H04336705-A: Attack release circuit and device voice compression expansion circuit using the attack release circuit patent, JP-H04337026-A: Production of hot rolled high strength steel plate excellent in fatigue strength and fatigue crack propagation resistance patent, JP-H0433712-A: Method and device for correcting top bending of bar material in hot steel sheet rolling patent, JP-H04337415-A: Vibrating gyro patent, JP-H04337722-A: Original illuminating device patent, JP-H04338310-A: Cockroach attractant patent, JP-H04338889-A: Method and device for character recognition patent, JP-H04340005-A: Reflection plate of space heater patent, JP-H04340239-A: Method of assembling semiconductor device patent, JP-H04340694-A: Coin processor patent, JP-H04340992-A: Vehicle position detection device for on-vehicle navigator patent, JP-H04341264-A: Side fence provided with holding position switching mechanism patent, JP-H0434176-A: Cutting device for cylindrical structure patent, JP-H04342281-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H0434319-A: Fine vibration measuring apparatus patent, JP-H04343806-A: Liquid-filled cushion patent, JP-H0434415-A: Rubbing device patent, JP-H04344470-A: Photoelectric voltage measuring device patent, JP-H04344615-A: Color filter patent, JP-H04344926-A: Data output device patent, JP-H04345016-A: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, JP-H04345328-A: Line changeover control circuit patent, JP-H04346172-A: Display method for fault check in cad patent, JP-H04349301-A: Deformable conductive elastomer patent, JP-H04349307-A: Manufacture of nonmetallic ion type antistatic vinyl layer chloride sheet patent, JP-H04349564-A: Method and device for converting kana/kanji patent, JP-H04349720-A: A/d converter patent, JP-H04350282-A: Automatic sliding door device patent, JP-H04351020-A: Interference wave elimination circuit patent, JP-H04352666-A: Freshness retaining package patent, JP-H0435271-A: Horizontal deflection circuit patent, JP-H04352833-A: Multifilament yarn for wool interlining patent, JP-H04354718-A: Supplying device for headed parts patent, JP-H043555-A: Interface circuit patent, JP-H04355658-A: Linear pulse motor patent, JP-H04355813-A: Inputtable character and symbol display device patent, JP-H04356279-A: Rear wheel steering device for vehicle patent, JP-H04356435-A: Propene deribative patent, JP-H04356781-A: Tape cassette patent, JP-H0435687-A: Washing and dehydrating tank for washing machine patent, JP-H04357109-A: Purification of synthetic zeolite patent, JP-H0435719-A: Treatment of exhaust gas containing fluorine-contg. alcohol patent, JP-H04357315-A: Weld nut structure provided on vehicle body and its manufacture patent, JP-H0435733-A: Vacuum evacuator patent, JP-H04358075-A: Method and apparatus for producing thin and multilayered film patent, JP-H04358217-A: Coordinate position detector patent, JP-H04358725-A: Parallel operation control device for gas turbine power generator patent, JP-H04360086-A: Cd-rom reading device patent, JP-H04361309-A: Received clock abnormality detecting circuit patent, JP-H0436151-A: Combined cake and preparation of cake like ricecake using the same patent, JP-H04361562-A: Semiconductor device mounting structure patent, JP-H04363247-A: Intaglio offset printing press patent, JP-H0436464-A: Production of sputtering target patent, JP-H04365006-A: Manufacture and manufacturing device for metal tube-clad optical fiber cable patent, JP-H0436567-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-H04365879-A: Pressure receiving member patent, JP-H04366409-A: Thin-film magnetic head and method for preventing its insulation breakdown patent, JP-H0436675-A: Positioning method for inspection patent, JP-H04367057-A: Real-time processor for plural tasks patent, JP-H04367639-A: Toilet room patent, JP-H0436778-A: Image forming method patent, JP-H04368121-A: Manufacture of boron diffusion source for semiconductor element patent, JP-H04369444-A: Wiring processor for force detector patent, JP-H04369631-A: Rear projection type projector patent, JP-H04370982-A: Solid-state image pickup device and its manufacture patent, JP-H04371284-A: Disposal method of waste plastics patent, JP-H04372262-A: Control method for radio equipment patent, JP-H04372380-A: Operation device of manipulator patent, JP-H04372685-A: Adhesive and bonding method patent, JP-H0437343-A: Subscriber line terminator patent, JP-H0437452-A: Nozzle for casting wide and thin slab patent, JP-H0438239-A: Opening and closing device for glove box patent, JP-H0438430-A: Temperature adjuster patent, JP-H0438444-A: Image measuring device patent, JP-H0438878-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0438945-A: Laser therapy apparatus patent, JP-H0439754-A: Error detecting device for memory patent, JP-H0439921-A: Control method of gas flow rate at vapor phase epitaxial growth apparatus patent, JP-H0439999-A: Elevator for transfer head patent, JP-H0440300-A: Carriage device for ferment treatment device and ferment treatment device patent, JP-H0441678-A: Aluminum alloy material having superior corrosion resistance patent, JP-H0442665-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-H044334-A: Hydraulic buffer patent, JP-H0443551-A: Cell patent, JP-H0443646-A: Semiconductor device and its preparation patent, JP-H0443726-A: Portable radio equipment patent, JP-H0444113-A: Production device for operation manual patent, JP-H0444154-A: Folding electronic equipment patent, JP-H0444410-A: Digital filter circuit patent, JP-H0444720-A: Bread baking machine patent, JP-H0445630-A: Network management system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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